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  • My practice focuses on health optimisation and embracing the origins of health, rather than focusing on disease.
  • I answer the question: How can we proactively improve our health, rather than waiting idly for sickness to strike.
  • Conventionally, health is viewed as the absence of disease. I view health as a necessary resource for living.
  • The objective is not to obsess over every detail of our lives and demand perfection. Instead, the aim is to establish a robust foundation of health, allowing you to easily deflect and recover from any challenges you encounter.
Illness Medicine vs Health Optimisation
Illness Medicine
-1 —> 0
Avoid, Prevent, or Treat disease
Population Level Guidelines
Drugs, Surgery
Diagnose & Treat
Health Optimisation
0 / -1 —> +1
Cultivate Health
Cultivate Health
Lifestyle, Environment, Metabolomics
Detect & Balance
  • Health is a deeply personal concept, unique to each individual with distinct values, goals, and requirements. Recognizing and embracing this diversity, I align my beliefs and philosophy to accommodate and integrate your individuality.
  • It is crucial to have a personalised programme that integrates all aspects of your environment with your unique physiology.
  • Drawing from the insights of functional medicine, biohacking, quantum biology, ancestral wisdom, I blend these diverse perspectives to enhance and optimize your overall health.
  • My aim is to empower you with the principles of health, enabling you to break free from current health challenges and safeguard your well-being both now and in the future.
A Decentralised Approach
Illness Medicine
The freedom to wander through scientific fields unshackled by orthodox thinking and institutional bias.
The freedom to wander through scientific fields unshackled by orthodox thinking and institutional bias.
Understanding that everything in biology is interconnected, moving beyond simplistic answers and embracing nuance.
Proof of Work: Judged by the effectiveness of ones methods, not by their qualifications or credentials.
Evolutionary Framework
"Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution" Theodosius Dobzhansky
Life on Earth has evolved over eons in response to selective pressures presented by Nature. I adopt an evolutionary perspective when it comes to optimizing your health and regaining your vitality.
Environmental Mismatches
Our ancestors evolved in a vastly different environment to our modern world. As humans surged forward in a whirlwind of progress, our lives transformed beyond recognition.
Modern life
We have distorted life's most central elements: light, food, air, water and magnetism. These environmental mismatches are the root cause of ourfailing health and vitality.
I will help you optimise your environment to cultivate health and vitality. Chances are, there is nothing wrong with you, but everything wrong with your environment.
Process of Health Optimisation
In-depth onboarding process
Detect and correct behavioural, environmental and cellular imbalances
Metabolomics testing
Educate through 1:1 coaching
Implement a personalised health plan
Continuous communication, reflection and adjustment
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